Top 8 reasons for missing the press.

1. You just don't have enough muscles. The bigger your muscles, the more fat they will be visible through.2. You are genetically predisposed to accumulate a greater amount of belly fat. Even if you have good relief on your arms and legs, your abs may be faintly visible. But it is not it's scary, you just need more time to reach the goal.3. you don't drink enough water. The body will retain water if it is not consumed enough. Drink 10 glasses of water and avoid salt. Changes will occur within 2-3 days.4. You don't get enough sleep. Lack of sleep leads to this increases cortisol, which in turn encourages fat storage.5. You need more carbs. Low-carb diets are good for burning fat, but long-term carb withdrawal slows down your metabolism dramatically. To avoid this, do a carbohydrate load once a week.6. You're too focused on the press. Endless abdominal exercises will not speed up the progress. The abdominal muscles are too small and burn few calories. The abdominal muscles alone will not be able to grow. Abs are too small and the growth of abdominal muscles is slow. The abdominal muscles alone will not be able to grow.Abs are too small and the abdominal muscles grow slowly. An increase in the number of units will not allow you to increase the size of your abs in the shortest possible time. An increase in the amount of carbs will not allow you to burn fat faster. Your metabolism is too fast. Abs should be let down by slow, controlled breathing.7. You need more time to recover. Hang on to a food reward. Your stomach will keep growing even if you stay away from food for a long time. The main thing is not to break down. The fastest results come after 3-6 hours.8. of You fall victim to the dreaded overtraining. Many people who are too focused on training their abs get carried away, forgetting about physical activity and sports. Excessive training and lack of rest reduce the effectiveness of restorative techniques and reduce the efficiency of metabolism. You need to train your abs for 30-60 min per day. These minutes should be spent on strength training, but you also need to give yourself a rest, so to speak, luxury. These are the top 8 reasons not to train your abs for the second week. If you follow these rules, you will get the results that you deserve.